How To Customize A Professional Photography Studio Rental Space

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Renting a photography studio seems like a straightforward task until you suddenly face challenges that occur while customizing the space functionality. The reality is that the moment you enter the rental photo studio, the space arrangement may look different from what your photoshoot requires. So, the best practice would be pre-planning the studio setup beforehand.

Optimized studio setup leads to producing great results in a timely manner. Do you know what things to consider when creating the setup that best serves your needs? If not, don’t worry! Below are some tips for setting up a rental studio space based on your requirements:

Tips To Set Up a Professional Photography Studio

1. Lighting

Whether it is natural or artificial, lighting is the most important part of photography as it allows you to deliver quality results to your clients and create beautiful work for yourself.

If you wish to eliminate harsh edges in your images, here are the three basic types of lighting equipment to incorporate into your project:-

  • One of the main lights for your targeted products is the key lighting. It is the brightest one and highlights the main area of the object during the shoot.
  • The second one is the fill lights which soften the dark shadows and harsh lines, making the image much more pleasing to the eyes.
  • The last one is the backlight which makes the area behind the model visibly plain yet prominent, making the subject stand out. Thus, bring a distinguished depth and shape to the picture by using high-quality backlighting.

These lights will give you ultimate results, especially when working with the models or capturing the objects in your studio.

2. Segment Division

When you get a photo studio rental space, you have to customize the available area according to the project’s needs. There are a few important things to segment, including:-

  • Changing Room

If models are involved in your project, the changing room (or a V-flat that could be used as one) must be there for quick changing. It provides a private and convenient space for models to change into different outfits or clothing. Photographers get the opportunity to capture different looks and styles without interrupting the shoot flow.

  • Resting Area

Areas with folding tables and chairs in photography studios are important because they provide a convenient space for storing and organizing food or drinks that may be needed during a photoshoot. They can also serve as a break room for photographers, models, and other members of the photoshoot team. A well-stocked resting area can keep everyone on the team comfortable and focused, leading to a more successful photoshoot.

  • Makeup Corner

A makeup corner setup is an important feature in a photography studio because it provides a dedicated space for makeup artists to work and prepare models for a photoshoot. Additionally, making a separate area for makeup can help keep the rest of the studio clean and organized.

Make sure the work space availability is not getting compromised when dividing the studio for other tasks.

3. Backdrop Essentials

Backdrop essentials are important in a photography studio because they provide a variety of backgrounds for photographers to choose from when setting up a shoot. This allows them to create various looks, styles, and images tailored to a client’s or project’s specific needs.

If the studio isn’t providing backdrops in their inventory, bring some relevant shades on your own. For example, a green screen helps to add visual effects or a muslin background creates a specific mood or atmosphere for a dramatic look or commercial shoot.

Having a variety of backdrops in the studio allows photographers to be more creative and versatile in their work and can also help them meet their clients’ needs more effectively.


The skill of customizing the setup of a rental photography studio is a great way to execute projects on time and grow your business. Stay focused on what the perfect setup for you looks like; use your creativity and motivation to make the most out of what’s offered.

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